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Bunji Corporation Limited (to be renamed Pure Foods Tasmania Limited) (Company) has entered into binding agreements to acquire 100% of the issued shares in Pure Foods Tasmania Pty Ltd (PFT). PFT is an Australian company based in Tasmania which owns and operates Tasmanian Pate and Woodbridge Smokehouse. The company’s strategy is to acquire, develop and grow premium foods businesses in Tasmania.

Closed:20 February 2020
AARC Systems Holding Pty Ltd


Closed:31 January 2020
NetLinkz Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - NetLinkz provides secure and efficient cloud solutions and is the world’s only fully meshed peer-to-peer network provider. The company’s technology, the Virtual Invisible Network, makes Fortune-500 security commercially available for organizations of all sizes. NetLinkz has received numerous industry awards for its technology, including being a worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge.

Closed:29 November 2019
Eagle Health Holdings Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Eagle Health is an ASX listed vertically integrated health and nutritional products business which develops, manufactures and distributes products into 26 provinces in China. Eagle Health produces a range of traditional Chinese Medicine and Western nutritional products including amino acids, protein supplements, lozenges and dendrobium oil.

Closed:27 November 2019
Creso Pharma

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Creso was created to bring pharmaceutical expertise and methodological rigour to the world of cannabis and deliver quality products to people and animals everywhere

Closed:26 November 2019

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY -VR8 is a junior exploration company which has the rights to 73.95% of a globally significant vanadium project

Closed:01 November 2019
Rafaella Resources Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Rafaella Resources is a junior exploration company which owns the McCleery cobalt and copper project in the Yukon territory in Canada and the Sandstone gold project in Western Australia.

Closed:16 August 2019
Woomera Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Woomera Mining Limited (‘WML’) has a binding acquisition agreement for an initial 80% interest in the Mt Venn gold tenements located in the north eastern goldfields of Western Australia.

Closed:05 August 2019
YPB Group Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - YPB is an Australia-based product authentication and consumer engagement solutions provider.

Closed:30 July 2019

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Dotz Nano Limited (ASX: DTZ) is a technology leader in research, production and marketing of anti-counterfeiting, authentication and tracing solutions.

Closed:27 April 2019
Shaw River Manganese

Developing the Barramine Manganese Project and Lithium Tantalum Nickel and Cobalt assets in Western Australia - Exposure to Base and Strategic Minerals in a world-class mineral province

Closed:22 March 2019
Cobalt Exploration

Canadian Cobalt Exploration company diversified across 3 different cobalt mineralisation regions of Canada

Closed:17 October 2018

identitii builds blockchain software to help financial institutions exchange payment information in an auditable way.

Closed:21 August 2018

QEM Limited explores and develops a world-class vanadium and oil shale project in the Julia Creek area of North Western Queensland, Australia.

Closed:15 August 2018

GeoCrystal is poised to become Australia’s next major diamond exploration company on the ASX via its Webb diamond project located in the Gibson Desert

Closed:03 July 2018
Kleos Space

Kleos is offering a remarkable shift in global geo-located intelligence gathering capability from Space.

Closed:21 June 2018

Metals 479 is a new mineral exploration and development company, with a highly-experienced board & management. ML7’s Corcoran Silver-Gold Project is an advanced exploration project covering approx. 20 km2 with 17,895 metres of exploration drilling.

Closed:26 April 2018
Soar Pre-Sale

Soar is a decentralised global platform for the distribution and monetisation of drone data and content. Soar’s decentralised global marketplace will be similar to AliBaba, eBay and iStock photo.

Closed:20 April 2018
Rafaella Resources

High quality assets highly prospective for copper, cobalt and gold in the Yukon Territory, Canada and Western Australia

Closed:21 March 2018
Raiden Resources LTD

Raiden Resources Limited provides investors with access to one of the world’s prolific Copper and Gold Belts in Europe with first mover advantage on multiple, high quality projects

Closed:14 December 2017
Jadar Lithium LTD

The Company’s primary objective is to focus on mineral exploration and development of resource opportunities that have the potential to deliver growth of the Company.

Closed:11 December 2017
Vector Resources LTD

The Company’s primary objective is to focus on advancing their two 100% owned gold mines based in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Closed:06 December 2017
Pure Minerals LTD

Targeting manganese, lithium, gold-copper and rare earth mineralisation for clean energy storage applications.

Closed:15 July 2017
G Medical

G Medical Innovations is at the forefront of the digital health revolution, developing the next generation of mobile health technologies.

Closed:02 March 2017

Reverse engineering Mother Nature to create plant-based products that heal & delight. SUSTAINABILITY – SUPERIOR QUALITY – LEGAL – CHEAPER – PCT PATENTS

Closed:11 December 2016

An innovative software as a service (SaaS) company which has developed a customer experience automation platform designed for selling complex financial products online.

Closed:18 September 2016

Northern Iron Ltd (to be renamed “Dotz Nano Limited”) is transitioning from a resource exploration and development company to a technology company, focussing on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of graphene quantum dots (GQDs).

Closed:06 September 2016