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NetLinkz Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - NetLinkz provides secure and efficient cloud solutions and is the world’s only fully meshed peer-to-peer network provider. The company’s technology, the Virtual Invisible Network, makes Fortune-500 security commercially available for organizations of all sizes. NetLinkz has received numerous industry awards for its technology, including being a worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge.

Closed:29 November 2019
Eagle Health Holdings Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Eagle Health is an ASX listed vertically integrated health and nutritional products business which develops, manufactures and distributes products into 26 provinces in China. Eagle Health produces a range of traditional Chinese Medicine and Western nutritional products including amino acids, protein supplements, lozenges and dendrobium oil.

Closed:27 November 2019
Creso Pharma

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - Creso was created to bring pharmaceutical expertise and methodological rigour to the world of cannabis and deliver quality products to people and animals everywhere

Closed:26 November 2019
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