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Akela is the only integrated investment platform of its kind, bringing together corporations and investors as co-creators in value adding and wealth generation. Offers and raisings normally earmarked for industry professionals and their select clientele is now accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The Akela vision is driven by a team of investment professionals with a cumulative industry experience of over 30 years. Passionate about sharing their core values of value creation, trust, transparency and independence, the team founded Akela as a platform for all investors, both sophisticated and new, to receive equal exposure to offers.

financial investment

Participate in both public and private capital raisings and offers. Akela generates synergies between investors and companies to create investment opportunities from our network of corporate partners. Get in at the ‘ground floor’ in initial public offerings, reverse take-overs, and start-ups.

total managed

Simple, Streamlined ‘Application to Allocation’ Process for Investors Akela provides a total managed solution - receive offer notifications, apply and complete your applications on-line, and receive confirmation of your allocations - all in one streamlined domain.

trusted industry

Akela gives you access to exclusive opportunities to participate in offers from leading industry corporates. Don’t know many industry professionals? Find out what’s on offer from trusted industry professionals on the Akela Platform.