YPB Group Limited

FOR SOPHISTICATED AND PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS ONLY - YPB is an Australia-based product authentication and consumer engagement solutions provider.

CLOSED 30 July 2019
Share Price: $0.0071Min Parcel: $5000.0046Type: Ordinary Share
Key points

YPB is an Australia-based product authentication and consumer engagement solutions
provider. YPB's proprietary smartphone enabled technology suite allows consumers to
confirm product authenticity and, for brands, that triggers consumers’ engagement.

The combination of YPB’s smartphone authentication solutions and its SaaS Connect
platform, creates ‘smart’ product packaging, opening cost-effective, digital and direct
marketing channels between brands and their consumers. Connect gathers actionable
data on consumer preferences. It can then host tailored marketing campaigns directly
back to the scanning smartphone.

YPB is currently focused on the rapidly growing Australian, South East Asian, and
Chinese markets. Its focus is dairy, cannabis, alcohol and cosmetics where the viral
growth of fake products, particularly in Asia, affects brand value and endangers

Key Investment Highlights 

  • YPB works with many of the world’s best known brands (such as Cisco, Woolworths, Tk Maxx and UGG) to protect them from counterfeit and theft, and deliver innovative ways to engage with their customers
  • The Company has issued 100 million ProtectCodes to its clients since the launch of its “Connect” platform just over two years ago
  • The Company has significantly reduced monthly expenditures following an
    organisational restructure 

  • YPB successfully launched it’s Vintail technology with Seppeltsfield Wines

  • The Company’s “Motif Micro” technology is in the final stages of testing, and
    will allow for curved-surface smartphone readability of a highly secure anticounterfeit mark

  • The Company recently announced that it has signed its first cannabis consumables client, Halo Labs

  • YPB’s technology is also trusted by the world’s largest passport issuing nation to ensure the authenticity of its passports 

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