Northern Iron Ltd (to be renamed “Dotz Nano Limited”) is transitioning from a resource exploration and development company to a technology company, focussing on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of graphene quantum dots (GQDs).

CLOSED 06 September 2016
Share Price: $0.20Min Parcel: $20Type: Ordinary Share
Key points

Northern Iron Limited (ACN 125 264 575) (to be renamed “Dotz Nano Limited”) (ASX Code: NFE (changing to 'DTZ'))

Northern Iron Limited has agreed to acquire 100% of the issued share capital of Dotz from the Vendor

The purpose of this Prospectus is to raise sufficient capital through the issue of Shares under the Public Offer to fund the Merged Group’s ongoing research, development and fabrication, sales and marketing of GQDs, business development, and working capital requirements, and to seek re-admission to the Official List of ASX as “Dotz Nano Limited”.


Dotz Nano Ltd. was incorporated in March 2014, to develop and commercialise technologies in the advanced materials industry, specifically Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs), Graphene, and Graphene related products.  

GQDs are microscopic discs of Graphene Oxide that  are made up of layers that are one atom thick. GQDs have been tested at a research and development level in relation to the following applications: medical imaging; visual sensing; consumer electronics;  photovoltaic systems; batteries and other related  energy storage; fuel cells; pressure, humidity and heavy metal sensors; and computer storage. However as far as Dotz is aware, GQDs have not been utilised commercially in the abovementioned applications due to the traditionally high cost of producing GQDs. 

In June 2014, Dotz began negotiations with Rice University, for the licensing of intellectual property (Rice Intellectual Property) relating to the production of GQDs, developed by Professor James Tour, of the Tour Lab Group at Rice University. Subsequently, the Rice University Licence Agreement and Sponsored Research Agreement were signed between Dotz and Rice University in relation to the Intellectual Property. 

Dotz is also able to utilise intellectual property pursuant to the BGN Licence Agreement (via its wholly owned subsidiary Graphene Materials Ltd (GML)) under which GML is licensed rights in respect
of intellectual property relating to the production of  graphene and GQDs based on sonication and microfluidization technologies.  

Dotz- DR Tour, Rice Uni
BOARD and management
Michael DavyNon-Executive Director
Kyla KylaNon-Executive Director
Robert JewsonNon-Executive Director